Chris Mulvany
Chris Mulvany

Chris Mulvany

My Story So Far!

Who am I?

I am first and most importantly a Dad to three wonderful ladies, and Husband to the wonderful Valerie. Currently living in the Irish midlands county of Westmeath. 👶 Born in the late '70's, 💻 coding since the late '90's, and 📈 Entrepreneur since the '00's.

What matters to me?

  • People - Everyone should have opportunity.
  • Health - One of the most neglected wealth of our existence.
  • Climate Change - It's a scary time. Government & Industry won't get it done. People need to act now, but how?
  • Technology - We need to look at applying it to the problems of today. Forget about the edge of space for now.

Serious Hat Off

  • Football (Liverpool F.C.)
  • Boxing.
  • Tech / Coding.
  • Listening to other people's stories.
  • Music (Broad ranging Genres)

What is it I do?

Right now, I have a micro business (web agency of 1) which I'm trying to build. My background is in mostly I.T. related positions. My passion has always been web development and web design. I have a true entrepreneurial passion; I've tried working for other companies, but it never worked out long term. I have the belief this is what I'm supposed to be doing now and I must keep chipping away until I find my nugget of gold.

Call on me! 📧

If you want to learn more connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn or email